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We innovate, patent and develop products that protect the human body from physical and biological impacts.

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Our Kinetix technology is now available!

Kinetix, our revolutionary suspension system is now available trough HexArmor® Ceros® XA250 helmet. 

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We identify global markets we can disrupt in stagnant industries that lack innovation, and are in desperate need of improvement.


We removed strap suspensions inside hard hats and replaced them with a superior impact attenuation machine.


Kipper is a face shield with intelligent design, with many unique characteristics that make it stand out over competitor face shields.


The Quick Mount is a novel way to use a C-Flap® using the pre-drilled holes of the batter’s helmet.

Our Technology

At Titon we engineered Kinetix, a superior impact attenuation device that will revolutionize head protection across multiple industries.

Not just another foam, we incorporated machinery to helmet shells.

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