Quick Mount

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«Easy to install

Worked as described – no holes drilled.»

 – Adrienne Larson


Ideated, Developed and Manufactured by Titon Ideas in conjunction with Markwort

Sports - Quick Mount A

The Quick Mount is a novel way to use a C-Flap® without drilling holes to a helmet

  • No need for drilling holes into a helmet
  • Available for Right and Left handed batters
  • Successfully tested under impact speeds up to 100 MPH!
  • Ensures that the C-Flap® is always in the optimal position to protect the batter’s cheek and jaw without compromising vision.
  • Compatible with 12 helmets from the leading brands.

Patent Pending

Quick Mount Assembly
Quick Mount Markwort
Quick Mount


We created a machine that replaces foams and inner linings in sport helmets. Engineered to reduce the force transmitted to an athletes head and neck during impacts.

A unique and revolutionary patented technology for superior impact attenuation with proven results.

Machines + Helmets

  • A machine replaces the padding inside the helmet for front, top and back impacts (ram, crown, whiplash).
  • The energy absorption capabilities can be optimized for different game conditions.
  • Yields lower Severity Index values than «conventional» padding.
Sports - Machine

Unmatched Performance

On December 18, 2016 when the Chicago Bears played against the Green Bay Packers, the environmental temperature was -11°F. A players helmet should be able to maintain the helmets impact attenuating capabilities under these conditions.

When compared to competitor helmets, our technology has proven to handle the rigors of multiple impacts at different temperatures with superiority.

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