Cerox AX250

After more than 6 years developing Kinetix, a revolutionary and disruptive technology to makes helmets safter, this innovation is now available on HexArmor® Ceros® XA250 helmets. This is A multifunctional safety helmet with climbing style features, superior performance due to our revolutionary Kinetix™ suspension system, and front and back premium impact foam protection for work at height, with high movement, and in confined spaces.


At Titon Ideas we are proud to be launching our technology with the collaboration of HexArmor® on their new helmet. For more than 100 years, the safety helmets have always worked on a similar way using a strap or a foam as suspension. Now, we introduce Kinetix, simple machines working inside a helmet to redistribute in a better way the forces to transmit less force and acceleration to the user’s head and neck.


Kinetix + hexarmor

This is just the beginning of a revolution for the helmets industry to protect every worker, athlete and more in the best way possible. Visit HexArmor to buy and learn more about this helmet!