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Markwort Quick Mount

The Challenge

Make the C-Flap, a jaw guard accessory for baseball helmets, a piece that can fit in most helmets using their pre drilled holes, so they can keep their NOCSAE certifications.

Our Solution

Quick Mount for C- Flap. We created an accessory that can adapt the drillings on 12 leading brand helmets to drillings in the C-Flap. Making sure that the accessory is as strong as the C-Flap when it comes to receiving an impact.

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Impact Safety

The Challenge

How could we make hard hats and helmets safer through technology and innovation? All helmets work in a similar manner, and have not changed for over 100 years.

Our Solution
Head Safety Technology. We engineered a machine that integrates to helmet shells and can be
optimized to absorb energy from impacts in a superior way, when compared to typical helmets
that use straps and padding. The patented technology has multiple applications across different
industries from sports to industrial helmets, and has demonstrated to transmit significantly less
force and acceleration to the user’s head and neck at the time of an impact.

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Hard Hat Suspension System

The Challenge
How could we make hard hats safer using our technology and innovation.

Our Solution
The Titon Hard Hat. We created one of the safest type I hard hats on the market today.
Featuring a suspension with our patented head safety technology integrated to a shell that has
been optimized to work together with the suspension. A revolution for industrial safety, our
hard hat system has the capability of reducing impact forces equivalent to 450 lbs, compared to
a typical hard hat that uses strap suspensions.

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